Stainless steel strips

Leader in the production and supply of high quality stainless steel strips, panels, coils and sheet metal, Milesi is a renowned company appreciated on the international market for its precise and customized machining. From cutting to straightening and up to surface treatments, the company offers customized solutions to offer every customer finished products able to totally meet its technical requirements and the standards agreed upon.

Customized stainless steel strips

The full production of Milesi, specialised in the supply of superior quality stainless steels to companies around the world, includes stainless steel strips of standard and customized sizes, sheet metal, coils and panels. In order to meet the increasingly specific and detailed demands of its customers, the company headquartered in Brescia makes materials with customized sized and special finishes upon request while always guaranteeing competitive prices, utmost precision and prompt deliveries. With its in-house lines fitted out for machining and cutting, Milesi is able to supply customized solutions such as customized

strips, sheet metal and panels undergoes strict stainless steel strips having dimensions ranging from 30 mm to 1520 mm, which ensure extreme versatility and many application possibilities to a multitude of different product sectors. In addition to cutting stainless steel strips to measure, cutting panels and supplying sheet metal in different thicknesses, also all of the machining for the surface treatment of the materials is performed in-house, in this way guaranteeing customers utmost flexibility for every job order and total compliance with the required technical specifications. Each step of the machining of the stainless steel

controls required by the internal quality protocol, developed to ensure long-lasting finished products that are perfectly compliant with the standards and physical, mechanical and technological characteristics required by the end use of the product. From small to large quantities, from customized stainless steel strips to customized finishes, Milesi is synonymous with expertise, specialisation and total reliability, able to provide a precise and safe service even to the most demanding companies.