Milesi’s manufacturing process covers the production of stainless steel sheets, strips, plates, bars, foils and coils destined for numerous applications in a broad variety of sectors. The company is able to offer stainless steel in standard sizes that are ready to be shipped, even in large quantities, thanks to its vast storage warehouse, as well as the option of custom-made sheets and bars with custom finishes.

Stainless steel sheets and bars cut to any size

In order to satisfy growing market demand for customisation, Milesi employs the best machinery, particularly its cutting and polishing machinery, when producing its stainless steel sheets so that it can supply products in custom, non-standard sizes. From the food to the textiles industry, from furniture and furnishings to carpentry, there is growing demand for custom, made-to-measure products that meet specific characteristics.

In-house production

Milesi has internal production lines for manufacturing and cutting stainless steel sheets, bars, strips, foils and plates, guaranteeing each customer personalised products made in-house and subject to strict quality control protocols at every stage of production, right from the point of selecting the raw materials.

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Standard Size

Milesi offers a vast range of top-quality stainless steel pieces in commercial sizes which are available in its warehouse and ready to be shipped so that it can meet urgent or bulk requirements at any time, anywhere in the world.

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Custom Stainless Steel Sheets

High-quality stainless steel in different custom sizes: Milesi is able to supply stainless steel sheets in various thicknesses, from 0.3 mm to 10 mm. Cut and polished in-house.

Custom Stainless Steel Bars

From 300 x 300 to 1520 x 3000 mm, Milesi will cut bars and plates to the required size in order to offer its customers custom-made products at competitive prices.

Custom Stainless Steel Strips

Milesi cuts strips from 20 mm to 1520 mm, offering a broad range of custom options while ensuring precision, speed and safety.

Custom finishes for any sector

Besides commercial sizes and custom measurements, Milesi is able to supply different finishes to meet any technical, architectural or stylistic need, from 1D/2D hot finishes to 2B/BA cold finishes, satin and Scotch Brite finishes. It guarantees each customer quality materials that perfectly match the physical, mechanical and technical requirements of the finished product.

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Whatever the need or final application, Milesi works alongside its customers to identify the best solution for their specific, individual needs in order to guarantee a finished product that perfectly satisfies their requirements.

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Whether standard or custom, Milesi ensures rapid deliveries for both national and international customers that meet the agreed lead time.  For Milesi, customer care is even more important that attention to detail and complying with its agreements.

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Whether small or large quantities, custom or standard orders, Milesi offers a reliable, professional and quality service to all customers, at home and abroad. The company’s flexibility is what allows it to handle each and every order with the same level of precision, offering a cutting-edge service that still represents excellent value for money.

Production Unit 1 slitter 1500

Production Unit 2 slitter 500

Production Unit 3 Sheet Flattening Machine

Production Unit 4 Scotch-Brite Satin-Finish Machine