Its flexible set-up, as well as its constant quest to develop its services and processes, makes Milesi an innovative, cutting-edge business that stands out not only for its stainless steel production but also for its advanced logistics. The company’s logistics system is specifically designed to further the efficiency and effectiveness of its manufacturing, transport and distribution, in order to offer the best quality, precision and safety at every stage of production and for any type of order.

11.000 sq.m. covered for stainless steel manufacture and storage

In 2015 Milesi moved to a new headquarters in Brescia. These modern, highly technological premises, covering an area of over 17.500 sq.m., house all of the company’s stainless steel production and storage facilities. The covered area, which measures some 11,000 sq.m., contains an exclusive space specially designed for storing stainless steel coils, sheets, strips, bars and plates.

Prompt deliveries

Thanks to its logistics set-up and new premises, Milesi is able to respond in real time to the most urgent requests for standard-size materials, which are permanently available to be shipped, even in large quantities. By working with the very best national and international hauliers, it is able to guarantee prompt, accurate deliveries the world over.

Transporting sheets, coils and strips

The company’s latest-generation machinery and highly-specialised, professional staff, combined with protocols that are strictly monitored, ensures quality and total safety when transporting both raw materials and finished products.

Guaranteed Quality

Every storage and transport operation is scrupulously monitored in order to maintain quality levels and the significant mechanical and physical properties of the stainless steel products. It is this attention at each stage of the process that has allowed the company to collaborate with major businesses in a variety of sectors, distinguishing itself for its care, professionalism and the high standards it always upholds.