Since 1990, Milesi has been accompanying clients throughout the production process of tailor-made metal pieces and in their consequent need for the removal of the scrap stainless steel which results from the used sheets. Our service centre’s quality standards and status as authorised operators means that we can ensure a meticulous result and the satisfaction of paying full attention to respecting the environment.

Scrap Stainless Steel Removal

In its over thirty years on the market, Milesi has become a regular partner not just for the tailor-made production and manufacturing of sheet metal, but also for all the consequent stages of scrap stainless steel removal that companies usually have to deal with over the course of their business. Milesi’s extensive experience in the metal sector since 1990 allows it to accompany clients at every stage of the process, designing tailor-made cuts to achieve the desired results and providing the best possible scrap stainless steel removal, i.e. reintegrating metal processing waste into a virtuous cycle that allows it to become a new usable raw material rather than being destined for landfill. In this process, it is essential to monitor the rigorous work procedures chosen by the company to stand alongside the ethical aim of minimum damage to the planet’s natural resources, which represents a completely viable economy of scale for the respect of the planet. For clients, scrap stainless steel removal is particularly linked to the opportunity to promote a conservation culture on the environmental front. This is especially significant for companies today, as the market is always becoming more sensitive to this trend and tending towards an industrial and commercial reality which look towards the future with efficiency and responsibility towards generations to come. With this aim, it is thanks to Milesi’s authorisations to manage and transport the material that scrap stainless steel removal can become a strategic opportunity for clients who would otherwise have to scrap the materials as landfill at the end of the work instead of being able to give them another lease of life and a new use. It is possible to rapidly and accurately carry out each waste disposal activity and protect customers in all respects through the use of suitable methods, such as filling in refuse identification forms (RIFs) in which material destined for scrap stainless steel removal is correctly identified and the necessary indication of the weight detected is confirmed at the destination. In this way, Milesi can flank the ability to accompany clients in all the practical and operational aspects of scrap stainless steel removal procedures. These processes must be strictly adhered to in order to re-introduce materials that would otherwise end up in landfill into the production circuit in compliance with the rigorous quality policy developed over the years, attested to by the ISO 9001:2015 obtained by the company. The extensive technical competence in the sector and professionalism acquired over the years in scrap stainless steel removal allow Milesi to accompany its clients so as to guarantee complete satisfaction and maximal precision in every aspect with the aim of improving every day and enriching their significant knowledge of how to face challenges in the future.